About Us

Our Vision

Pizza Bx is a family owned business who strives to be part of our customers growth in the competitive food industry market. We provide a cost effective way for our customers to market their brand. Pizza Bx specializes in custom corrugated pizza boxes, with your standard sizes of 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, as well as custom specialty boxes.

Our Story

In 1990 owner and founder, Dino Turcato, started Turcato Wholesale Foods specializing in wholesale food distribution to your local pizza parlors. As the company continued to grow over the years, Turcato Wholesale Foods branched into local ice cream parlors, and more. As the market started to gain an influx of wholesale distributors, Turcato Wholesale Foods repositioned itself into another growth opportunity. In 1997, Turcato Wholesale Foods rebranded and became Pizza Box by Turcato, now known as Pizza Bx. With the rebranding, Pizza Bx opened a new sector of the company, pizza box customization. Pizza BX is now solely a corrugated box company, specializing in custom corrugated pizza box and specialty box, designing, printing, and distributing to your local Metro Detroit area and Windsor, Canada. We are still family owned and proud of our ability to service our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow our company we never forget our grass roots. Our ability to service our customers and provide the highest quality boxes will remain a staple of who we are.