Make A Statement With Your Packaging!

Make A Statement With Your Packaging!

Looking to stand out among your competitors?


Customized Pizza Boxes

Get your very own custom pizza box displaying your company logo!

Generic Pizza Boxes

Budget Friendly, Quality and Design Assured!

Specialty Items

Looking for something other than your Standard Pizza Box! Ask about our dinner boxes, sub boxes, and bakery boxes! 

Company Profile

Founded by owner Dino Turcato in 1990, Pizza Bx started out as a wholesale foods distributor. By 1997, Pizza Bx broadened their market share to distribute custom, corrugated pizza boxes. Since then, Pizza Bx has been a leader in providing customized boxes to meet all customer demands. Still family owned and operated, we can design a customized box that fits your needs. No matter the style or request, Pizza Bx has you covered from Pizza, Wings, Subs and Dinner Boxes.


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Next Steps...

Seeking custom corrugating pizza boxes, or something outside of the norm, please call or email for pricing inquires